Friday, December 6, 2013

Which Bench Is Most Suitable For You.

 The right piano bench can make the difference.

 Though your piano and bench don't have to match, you do need a bench or stool that is comfortable, offers the correct height and of course ...complements the piano and the piano player.

 Most pianists considered the piano bench an intricate part of their performance and finding that perfect bench that fits your particular needs can be daunting.

 For an older player, a regular piano bench would be the ideal, though if over 5 feet, 6 inches an adjustable bench might be preferable but keep in mind that adjustable benches are available in varying sizes.

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Benches Come In Two Basic Types:


Fixed Bench
 This piano stool is just perfect for any type of piano, acoustic, grand, or upright. The standard height of a piano bench is 19" or 20".

 The traditional or common piano bench is simple yet durable type of bench constructed using Maple, Walnut, Mahogany, Oak and Poplar woods, upholstered padding and music storage compartments conveniently located under the seat.

 Usually, numerous color options are available that will match your piano.
School and institutional-type benches often come with so-called "stretcher" benches, where the legs are connected with wooden reinforcing struts to better endure heavy use.

Duet Piano Bench:

 This size Bench is sometimes called a " Grand Piano Bench "and is usually 33" & 36" wide and can be used with Grand Pianos and full size Upright pianos.

 Because of its toughness and ability to seat two people the duet-size bench (seats two) is a favorite of pianists who sit practicing for long periods of time, allowing a change of position for greater comfort.

Adjustable Stools:

Adjustable Stools
 Most pianist prefer this stool because of its unique and useful feature which is the height-variability enabling pianist to sit and play the piano comfortably regardless of their size and height.

 If you want a versatile bench, the adjustable piano bench is your best bet. Adjustable benches typically can be set at anywhere from about 18" to 21".

 Because of its toughness and ability to seat two people the duet-size bench (seats two) is a favorite of pianists who sit practicing for long periods of time, allowing a change of position for greater comfort.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Maintaining Your Piano's Appearance

Piano Cleaning

Green street sign with the words ,The Right Way, written on the sign
Piano Cleaning The Right Way

Modern Pianos are finished with numerous materials designed to protect the wood from dirt, spills and humidity from the time-honored lacquers to the more modern polyurethanes.

Polyester resins are available in black, white and clear finishes enhance the beauty of the woods finish.

Always Avoid Direct Sunlight

A piano finish is easily maintained by simply keeping it clean, avoid exposure to direct sunlight and limit temperature and humidity changes.

Modern finishes are designed to do their job without the additional aid of polishes or waxes.

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Never spray polish on the piano

In general, furniture polishes and lemon oils are not recommended except for specialized polishes intended for high-gloss finishes.

Polish's that contain silicone are  extremely dangerous because their tendency to spread within the piano, sometimes causing extensive damage.

Piano Keys

16 piano keys are shown.
Modern Piano Keys
Most modern piano keys...there are exceptions... are  made out of  spruce or basswood and covered with plastic.

 Old high end pianos whose keys were made from ivory popularized the term ..."Tickling The Ivory" which referred to an accomplished piano player but that all changed when ivory keys were no longer legally available starting in the 1950's.

Ebony and Ivory Keys

natural and sharps piano keys are shown
88 Keys On A Piano
There are 88 keys on a piano that need cleaning because of  dirt and  oil from players fingers.

There are 52..."natural"... white keys typically made of plastic or ivory and 36..."sharps"... made from plastic, hardwood, or ebony.

Cleaning the Keys

Clean natural keys with a back to front motion rather than side-to-side. Wiping side-to-side can allow needless  moisture to seep between keys and cause damage.

Cleaning materials
Cleaning Piano Keys
Use a soft cloth...never use paper towels..., dampened with filtered  water...minerals can alter the appearance of the finish...and a small amount of mild soap...dry immediately with a new clean soft cloth to prevent dirt and oils from seeping between the keys.

Ivory keys are porous and typically thinner, and excessive moisture can penetrate and loosen their glue joints... dry immediately.

To keep the ivory keys in great shape for years to come, take a clean, soft cloth and spread a thin layer of the plain yogurt over each key. Gently work the thin layer of plain yogurt into the key with the cloth and then wipe it off with another clean, soft cloth.

Clean sharps using the same direction as above..."without the yogurt"... but use a separate cloth for painted wooden sharps to avoid black stains on the white keys.

Disinfect your piano keys

Small baby shown playing a piano after the piano has been cleaned.
Disinfect Your Piano Keys
Never use popular sprays or disinfectants such as Lysol or similar disinfectants on your piano keys and avoid the use of rubbing alcohol or solvents that can damage the key surface.

 Always remember to use a separate cloth 
when cleaning the black keys.

Clean using a solution comprised of 3 parts filtered water to 1 part white vinegar.

A good habit to cultivate is never to play the piano with dirty hands. That way the keyboard will stay clean for a long time.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Why Choose Bennett Piano For Your Next Piano Move?

Bennett Piano Mover in Atlanta is the Best in Class for piano moving in Atlanta.
Best In Class Piano Moving
 Over the years, you’ve accumulated numerous memories of family gatherings and special events…you’ve cleaned, polished and even maintained that beautiful instrument’s sound by having the piano tuned whenever needed…and now that special piano needs to be moved to your new home or just another room and you must decide who to trust with such a grand instrument.

May I Recommend Bennett Piano

Bennett Piano is the greatest piano mover in Georgia.
Bennett Piano Covers Georgia
 Bennett piano started moving pianos in Atlanta in 1978 and over the years expanded it’s piano moving services to cover the entire state of Georgia.

 We’ve moved any thing from privately owned concert grand pianos to and from concert halls, to the smallest family upright piano regulated to the basement when the children moved.

Especially Equipped Trucks With Air Ride And Rail Lifts

Air shock ride for your piano
Smooth Transport

 We have special Air-Ride Equipped trucks with Rail-Lift hydraulic lift gates attached to the rear of fully enclosed commercial trucks with track piano moving boards and custom dollies that guarantee a smooth, safe transport of your cherished musical instrument.

We Will Not Arrive At Your Home or Business
In A Pickup Truck With A Small Trailer

We will not arrive at your home or business in a pickup truck with a small trailer in tow representing ourselves as piano movers on the weekend.

 Can you imagine the bumpy ride your piano will have to endure while strapped to the side of that small trailer…behind a pick-up truck…going over a railroad track in the North Georgia Mountains or hitting a pothole in Atlanta? Will your piano need to be tuned after such follies?

Your Time Is Valuable.

Bennett Piano arrives on time every time.
On Time Every Time

Bennett piano movers will arrive on the scheduled date at the scheduled time…


Licensed And Insured

 Bennett Piano is a fully licensed, completely insured and experienced piano mover with the necessary expertise, high end moving equipment and trained, caring… two-man teams on every piano move…staff that will treat your piano with the concern and attention it deserves.

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 Bennett Piano has gown since 1978 from only serving the
metro Atlanta area to one of the
most respected and trusted short and long distance piano
movers in Georgia.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Piano Shipping Services in Alpharetta

Alpharetta, Georgia
If you are looking for a piano moving service in Alpharetta, Georgia with a proven track record... look no further than Bennett Piano Movers.

With over 20 years of experience moving pianos in Alpharetta, Bennett Piano uses tested and proven moving techniques that allow them to lift, load and relocate your piano with ease.

 It doesn’t matter if your instrument is an upright or baby grand, Bennett will carefully transport your prized investment anywhere in Georgia.

Why Bennett!

 Your piano may be scratch free now but there is no telling what might happen if you hire a piano mover that shows up..."pulling a trailer behind a truck".

Also,..."behind the truck"...movers rarely carry insurance.

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Also, they won’t have the special dollies that are required to move pianos safely through doors or down steps while being transferred to their new location without damage.

A Piano is Heavy, Period.

Heavy Lifting
This means that it will take specialized equipment, a whole lot of skill and muscle to move your piano from point A to point B.

  Bennett's trained staff will wrap your piano in several blankets before they even attempt to move it. Next, they will strap it onto boards to make the move more secure before loading them onto dollies and wheeling it to the nearest exit.

  Needless to say it takes a professional movers touch to make sure that your grand piano does not go tumbling down the stairs to its ultimate demise.

  Trying to move it yourself is also a bad idea if you don't know all there is about shifting an expensive 1000 pound instrument down a staircase or through a door.You risk injuring yourself and smashing the piano to smithereens.

We Take The Worry Out of Moving

 With Bennett Piano movers you will never have to worry about losing your prized instrument to shoddy moving equipment or even potholes in the road along the way.
 Your antique baby grand piano holds so many memories. Don’t let it go to waste, contact Bennett Piano Movers in Alpharetta.

Bennett Piano Movers in Alpharetta

Our piano moving services are available to institutional, commercial and
residential piano owners in Alpharetta, Woodstock, Canton, Roswell, Georgia.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Is Your Piano Safe With Your Home Movers?

It doesn’t matter whether you just bought a baby grand or upright piano... it deserves a higher level of awareness, years of training and experience when moving from one location to another.
 A piano is a precision musical instrument that comes with over 200 finely tuned strings and over a 1000 moving parts, any of which can become damaged or destroyed if the piano isn’t handled properly during a move.
Most experienced  short and long distance piano moving services in Georgia consider moving a piano or organ as the most dangerous item to move and it is easy to see why. They are big, they are heavy and they weigh a ton, and may require rigging due to their massive size and fragile legs..
Remember...not every home mover  is an experienced piano mover capable of moving delicate and heavy equipment such as a piano or organ even if they claim to be otherwise.

Bennett Piano Movers
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This is why homeowners in Alpharetta would rather have a professional piano mover like Bennett Piano movers in Alpharetta move their investment rather than trust regular home movers who have no idea how to transport handle an expensive piano.

Safety First


Chances are that you searched online to find a piano mover in Alpharetta who would agree to move your instrument on a budget.
A piano moving service that doesn’t carry liability insurance is a ticking time bomb for a homeowner who wants their piano transported to a new location. 

Are You Aware of The Risk


Georgia Piano Mover
Not only is Bennett Piano of Alpharetta licensed and insured against potential damages, their expertise in moving pianos in  Georgia and years of experience will ensure that your instrument gets to where it needs to be in one piece.
Bennett will ensure that the transport of your family piano  is as smooth as possible whether moving your Grand to a posh concert hall or your child's upright to the next room.
Pianos are an expensive and for some, are irreplaceable due to their sentimental value.
Needless to say, it pays in the long run to hire  a professional piano moving service in Georgia.
Bennett Piano Movers will listen to your explicit instructions and has the  expertise to get the job done. They understand how the instrument is structured, know the difference between an upright or grand piano and know how to move each.
Your investment is as important to them as it is to you.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

How To Find The Best Piano Movers In Atlanta?

How to Find the Best
Piano Movers in Metro Atlanta

 You have just moved to Georgia and now you need someone to transport your Grand piano up the stairs, to the 13th floor and into your new apartment.  The instrument cost you a bundle and not just any Atlanta piano or organ mover will do.
 So how do you choose the best movers in the metro Atlanta area when you are new resident? Here is how you can ensure that your prized investment is transported into the safety of your living room in one piece Bennett Piano Movers in Atlanta

Not All Piano Movers Are Equal

 Like any moving company, piano movers also differ in the type and quality of services offered. Not every service will look after your investment with the integrity and care that it deserves.

 Most piano movers specialize in transporting other types of furniture as well. You do not want them handling your piano like someone’s punching bag. Make sure that the movers you hire are insured and specialize in moving pianos.

Do They Carry Workman’s Insurance?

 Keep looking if they don’t. Once you contract a company they are considered your employees for the time that they are working for you. If the moving company you hire does not cover the safety of its workers, you will be expected to accept full liability in the event an employee becomes injured while moving your piano. This will also involve possible law suits if the injured workers try to sue you for damages.

Bennett Piano Movers
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 A professional piano mover will use two to three people to move the instrument. The move will also involve specialized equipment such as moving pads, ramps, slings and piano skids to be successful.

 Kindly ask the movers to leave...if all they arrive with your doorstep with nothing but a roll of flimsy duct tape.

Why should you Hire the Pros?

 Why do you need a professional piano mover like Bennett Piano to transport your instrument in Georgia?

 The average piano weighs up to 400 to 900 pounds. Grand pianos on the other hand can weigh up to a whopping 650 to 1300 pounds depending on the model.  A regular house moving company will not be equipped to handle the weight and ensure that it gets to its destination without a scratch.

 You will need the expertise of a professional piano mover to dismantle a Grand piano, get it out of your previous home and reassemble it in your new home.