Saturday, January 25, 2014

What is a Metronome.

I've no doubt the debate about whether metronomes are good
or bad will continue, but on one point I think everyone at Bennett Piano Movers will agree...the humble metronome undoubtedly has its use.

Piano players...beginners at least... seldom play the piano at an exact beat so using a metronome helps keep a steady tempo as they play, providing a fixed, rigid, relentless pulse. A metronome is one of the most powerful tools a pianist can use to improve their playing. Period. If you practice a piece regularly with a metronome, you will display greater confidence while performing.

Mechanical Metronomes

The most popular and early mechanical metronomes used an adjustable weight on the end of an inverted pendulum rod to control the tempo and was invented/designed by Dietrich Nikolaus Winkel in Amsterdam in 1814. One of the more common types of metronome is the Wittner Electronic metronome which uses a quartz crystal and simple dials and buttons to adjust the accuracy and tempo.
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Electrical Metronomes

With the invention of electricity, many types of electrical metronomes were developed, Some by people with little knowledge of music and how the instrument was going to be used.
This also made possible the invention of the Franz synchronous electric metronome in 1938. These metronomes were produced through June, 1994.

In 1977 the Franz pendulum metronome was introduced employing improvements in the internal mechanisms enabling them to work on a slanted surface. These devices were produced through 1990.
From 1950 to the present many versions of the electronic metronome including Seth Thomas, Sabine and Metone  have been designed and sold in piano service stores throughout Atlanta.

Digital Metronomes

In the late 1970's digital electronics had developed to the point where it became economically feasible to apply them to the design of a metronome.
The introduction of low cost of microprocessors has made it possible to add other functions including:
• Tuning pitches
• accented beats

Make the Metronome Your Friend

• Buy a metronome with a light.
• Buy a metronome with subdivision capabilities
• Buy a metronome that produces a different sound
• Buy single-function metronomes.
Let’s face it, a metronome can help a piano eventually, so why not start making that new friend today.


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