Monday, February 3, 2014


  The word candelabra derives its origin from the Latin word "candelabrum" which means candlestick.

  Even though candelabras come in all shapes and sizes...all candelabra's hold more than one candlestick and the more fanciful versions...usually used with concert grand pianos...hold 20 or more candles that are attached to the top of a decorative base.

Liberace, who was well-known for his flamboyant style, used his trademark candelabra to decorate his piano.

  Candelabras are constructed using numerous materials including, silver, gold, brass, copper, iron or crystal and are available in numerous styles that include table top, aisle and free standing.
  Floor candelabras are becoming more popular because the height can be raised allowing for better lighting from any angle focused on the sheet music and the piano keyboard.
  Originally used primarily for lighting in the "old days" prior to the availability of electricity, candles are no longer used for piano lighting purposes but are used primarily to create a soft, ambient warmth of the piano and musician.
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  Now most concert halls, homes, schools and churches provide an ample amount of lighting that provides a quality environment for that special piano recital for family members.
  Modern LED piano lamps are much safer and can be even more beautiful and stylish than the nicest candelabras.

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